What is the metaverse?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a small team of enthusiasts from Russia came together to create a new gaming world where everyone can earn, explore the world of DeFi, improve leadership skills, talk to each other and play. This world was proudly called the metaverse…

⭐️Neon Earth metaverse!

What is the metaverse, and why is this concept so popular all over the world now?

Perhaps you can provide a rough definition of what the metaverse is. But you will find it difficult, remembering the formal definition…

Because it doesn’t exist!☹️

🤝So that you do not waste your time, we have studied all the existing definitions. Putting them all together, we get the following:

A metaverse is a virtual space where people can work, study, earn money, have fun, meet people and make purchases. We can compare the world of the metaverses with the world of the Sims game: you create a digital avatar that lives a normal life inside the game. But there are obvious differences: in the metaverse, you make decisions yourself, choose who to be and can change the new reality. And no one can lock you in a room with no doors or remove the ladders from the pool like in The Sims to kill you…

🌍In fact, this is the same world as the one we live in, only on the Internet. But if sitting in the office or at home, you cannot be in Monaco in a second, then in the metaverse you can do everything! The world is moving towards decentralization and freedom, your opportunities are growing and the borders are becoming less and less tangible…

😱 If you suddenly get scared that the metaverses will replace reality for people, then this is not true. Nothing can replace real travel, communication and emotions. But such things can greatly simplify our lives!

✨ If you want to be trending, be able to earn on the ideas of the future and feel cool, just stay with us. Be part of the Neon Earth metaverse: we understand where the world is heading. And we’ll help you get it right!



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