What is waiting for you?

Hello, dear partners of the Neon Earth metaverse. On Thursday 14.04.2022 we held an AMA with the founders and announced updates.

Upcoming updates below👇

On April 18, we will launch an updated version of the site and disable the following mechanisms:
☄️NE points.
☄️Beta test reward.
☄️Mini-games reward…
☄️Exchange of NE to NFT (if you still have NE, then the exchange for NFT will be made in your favor).
☄️NFT mining (all NEARTH mined before the disable will be fixed and sent to your wallet).

🎬Watch the AMA to learn more👉

In the following posts, we will tell you about the updates and new features waiting for you in the metaverse!

🚀Stay tuned for updates!



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