Apr 18, 2022


What is waiting for you?

Hello, dear partners of the Neon Earth metaverse. On Thursday 14.04.2022 we held an AMA with the founders and announced updates.

Upcoming updates below👇

On April 18, we will launch an updated version of the site and disable the following mechanisms:
☄️NE points.
☄️Beta test reward.
☄️Mini-games reward…
☄️Exchange of NE to NFT (if you still have NE, then the exchange for NFT will be made in your favor).
☄️NFT mining (all NEARTH mined before the disable will be fixed and sent to your wallet).

🎬Watch the AMA to learn more👉

In the following posts, we will tell you about the updates and new features waiting for you in the metaverse!

🚀Stay tuned for updates!




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