2 min readDec 9, 2021


Why are the metaverses so popular?

🗿What do such IT giants as Microsoft, Facebook, Google have in common in 2021? Each of them is already creating or seriously thinking about creating their own metaverse.

🤔What is it and why are people all over the world so obsessed with the metaverses?

📢According to Bill Gates, the metaverse is a world in which the economic value of everyone who uses it outweighs the value of the company that creates it.

What does this mean?

This means that in any metaverse everyone is the creator and main beneficiary! You make up your own rules. You yourself make decisions about how you will develop in the new world. And you yourself make a profit!

You are not just a user, but you are a creator who makes decisions on your own! You have complete freedom of action to realize yourself, make a profit and create a comfortable environment for yourself. You are valuable not because you give someone money for development, but because you yourself develop and improve the metaverse!

🔥The world is striving for complete digitalization, and the metaverses are an upward trend of the new time!

🚀Neon Earth is a young metaverse that is emerging before your eyes! And you can take the leading position right now while the project is at the pre-sale stage!

Neon Earth is:

☄️ A game in which you can become a legendary hero, upgrade and create your own game world!

☄️DAO, thanks to which you yourself will make decisions and choose the path of project development.

☄️NFT with which you win the game and get incredible profits.

And much more!

The future belongs to the metaverses! The future belongs to Neon Earth! Make the right choice — join now 👉




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