You have 2 days left to win up to 5000 NE + up to 250 $NEARTH

Be as attentive and fast as possible: the last letter will appear on the website tomorrow!

🔥If you are the first to find it (provided that you also found all the other letters), you will receive the main prize: 5000 NE + 250 $NEARTH!!! We have not given tokens as a gift for a long time, and we are unlikely to do this often in the future, so you have a unique chance to get them for yourself!

⭐️For 2nd place you will get 2500 NE + 100 $NEARTH.

⭐️For 3rd — 2000 NE + 50 $NEARTH.

⭐️For the 4th and 5th — 1500 NE and 1000 NE, respectively!

🔮Listen to all your intuition, open your third eye and use the gift of sight and make every effort to be the first to find the cherished letter tomorrow!

Good luck🍀

Search here 👉


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