Neon Earth: play and earn!

[Read the entire text below in an epic voice]

The Neon Earth game metaverse presents!

🎮 Addictive Find Hero mini-game: match combinations with heroes and get NE!

👾Neon Line mini-game for the most attentive and tough: knock out yellow squares with a blue square and get as much NE as you can hold!

And finally …

[Drum roll] 🥁

🤯The Neon Earth main game: legendary heroes, bloodthirsty monsters and exciting battles for life and death…

Very soon, at the end of December 2021, the main game will appear in front of you! Everyone will be able to play and try their hand at the most powerful battle!

🛠️We just have to finalize the details before we show you the MOST IMPRESSIVE, EPIC AND MIND-BOGGLING GAME! 🔥

Until then, practice! Gain skills in the minigames of the Neon Earth metaverse and earn NE


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