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Neon Line minigame

⏰It’s time for…

It’s time for the second stunning, mind-blowing and soooo addicting game Neon Line!

🛠 It has simple mechanics: the blue square must knock out all the yellow squares.

Do you think this is silly fun for kids? Ha! …

Congratulations to the winners of the Instagram contest!

⭐️If you carefully read the conditions, subscribed to our Instagram and repost the post, you will get 200 NE.

⭐️If you have not met one of the conditions, then you will get only 100 NE.

🎁Today, those who showed diligence and managed to take part in the competition will receive their winnings.

And, if you could not take part, do not be upset! In the future, you will still have the chance to get bonuses from Neon Earth!

If you haven’t subscribed to our Instagram yet, do it now to know about all future contests👉

Oddi. Part 2.

Oddi regained consciousness only in the hospital. In the ward, he first heard about the rapid spread of neon gas across the planet and considered it a stupid joke. But when the doctor said about muscle tissue breakdown in the athlete’s legs and that soon he would…

Meet the Neon Earth Team!

❓Who created the Neon Earth metaverse? Who created the website? Who is developing the game? Who is writing the history of the new Earth? Who is drawing the heroes? Who is answering your questions?

Who is negotiating with major foundations and companies, creating the concept of the metaverse and doing everything to make Neon Earth the best project on the market? 😎

Indeed, who are all these people?..

Time to introduce us!

⭐️We are completely open and honest with you, so you can see each of us on the Neon Earth website.

Go to the “Team” section! We are all already waiting for you there 👉

Oddi. Part 1.

Looking at Oddi, you can’t say that he was once a promising young athlete who dreamed of carrying the torch at the Olympic Games. Previously, he trained hard every day. The proverb: “Movement is life” became Oddi’s credo in life. Therefore, when an athlete broke his leg…

Ask questions!

Share what do you think of us? How do you like the project? Maybe you have some great ideas that you want to suggest to us?


⭐️ The most important and valuable thing you can share with us is your opinion!

☄️You are a part of the infinite universe of Neon Earth, and without you nothing would have happened. Therefore, it is important for us to know what you think!

🎁To make it more fun for you to share your feedback, for your participation, we will give you… NE.

Go to the survey below: ask questions, write constructive feedback, share your impressions! We want to be the best project on the market, and that’s why we ask you to help us with this! 👉

Who are you in the Neon Earth universe?

Who do you want to be? A brave adventurer or a leader of a team of like-minded people? A treasure holder or an influencer? 🤔

❗️ Make a decision!

Choosing your path, you get statuses that will help you realize your full…

The team that will lead you to success

Do you know what is the main secret of Google’s success? How did a small student project become a global company with a market capitalization of nearly $ 2 trillion?


🔥Yes, it is thanks to the fact that Sergey Brin and…

Can you handle this power?

Imagine a world, the fate of which is determined by its inhabitants. A world in which there is no centralized power, imposed rules, and unfair distribution of resources. In such a world, people reach harmony and live as they want.

✨ “Utopia”, someone will say…

Instagram Neon Earth

Yay, now the Neon Earth universe has left its mark on Instagram too!

🔥 In honor of this, we decided to give you 200 NE! 🔥

But, not quite simply…

For this you need:

1️⃣ Subscribe to our Instagram.

2️⃣ Choose a post that you like best and repost it to your account.

3️⃣ Send us your wallet number in private messages.

4️⃣. Check your account and find +200 NE there! You can tell us about it in our chats so that others will be happy for you too!

🎁 For subscribing to Neon Earth Instagram, you will get 100 NE.

🎁 For reposting any of the posts to your account, you will get another 100 NE.

Now that you are familiar with the terms, go to our Instagram, enjoy the design and get your 200 NE 👉


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