Welcome to the Neon Earth metaverse

Neon Earth is a game metaverse with a unique economic model in which 100% of the funds are distributed among users.

Combining the best of GameFi and NFT, Neon Earth creates a long-term project where everyone wins!

How can you earn regular income?
💰Purchase NEARTH token. 25% bonuses from opening all Neonboxes are distributed among all token holders;
💰Open Neonboxes and get valuable NFTs: the more NFTs you have and the more power they have, the more you earn! 25% of bonuses are distributed among NFT owners.

Earn active income as well:
💰Invite friends and earn NEON from every Neonbox they open. Referral bonus is 30%;
💰Play the main game and mini-games. 20% is distributed among the players. You can also participate in promotions with valuable prizes.

Click on the links below and study the concept of the project👇
🎥Promo materials

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Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉 https://neonearth.io

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Metaverse Neon Earth. Play-to-earn. Join 👉 https://neonearth.io

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